Jun 10


Folks, it really isn’t everyday that you get more than you pay for these days.  So it’s refreshing when you come across a deal.  Makes you feel smart for a moment, then (for some of us) you start to wonder, why?  Oh, but there’s going to be a catch like ads, or it will crash and delete all of the pictures of your mother-in-law’s party for herself.

While there are so many iPhone apps available at a moments notice, truly picking a great one is a difficult task.  How do you find a gem?  What really makes a great sleeper type app?

Obviously a matter of opinion, but for me, it must be some of the following:

  1. Unique.  C’mon, seriously?  How many list applications can there be?  (yeah, I’m developing one too, but it’s better I SWEAR!)
  2. Hold my attention for 3 to 5 minute durations and go away without a thought.
  3. FUN! (I know, not ambiguous at all…)
  4. Cheap.  Did I mention free?

I was lucky enough to be bored at 2:15 am the other night, and I came across “Paper Toss” from Backflip Studios.

This app/game is an absolute blast.  Meets all of the criterion above perfectly.  It brings back memories of “Office Space”.  As I’m playing I imagine the endless drone of the secretary iterating “Corporate accounts payable, just a moment” playing in the background.

Anyhow, what makes this app great is the fact it is so darn engaging.  Granted, I’m not really that hard to please, but you have to bring SOMETHING to the table to get me to pay.  Did I mention it’s free?!  No ads, no gimmicks, just a great little app.

There are 3 levels of play in this game, surprisingly entitled Easy, Medium and Hard.

How it works:
You’re bored at work and you decide to crumple up your TPS report and toss it in the trash, but alas, there’s that office fan (amazingly providing you with the wind speed like all office fans) angled in the direction of the waste basket.  You flick your chosen finger at the proper angle and “swish”, it’s in.  Or, you work with the wind to go COMPLETELY off course and peg a fellow office worker, to which you hear “Hey, this isn’t recess!”, “Why don’t you learn how to throw!” or some other insults from bordering office fodder.

Did I mention it was free?  Seriously, they need to fix that free problem. I’d have gladly handed over 199 pennies to play a great “bored at work” game while I’m bored at work.

4.5 Stars!  Fantastic job!


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