Jun 01

YAPA iPhone  GameIt’s about time we come out with a game. Although, engineers are much better at creating physics engines than games.  How do you suppose we’d make that fun?

“Hey guys!  What if we instigate inertia, frustrate force and grapple with gravity?”

“Simmer down there, Tigger!  Could be a little cliché, but it just might work!”

… and YAPA was born.  Now grapple with gravity yourself in this 3D physics puzzler from FideSoftware.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to use 9.81 m/s2 to solve these problems!  Not only is it fun to solve the puzzles, it’s fun to play the game.  There are over 45 great levels, each with its own, unique puzzle to solve.

Each time you solve a level, your score will be pitted against the best in the world.  Ever wonder if you’re the only one stuck on some level?  Now compete against the world and see where you rank.  Head into the tool bar (upper right icon) to update your rank and see how well you’re doing.

There aren’t a lot of games out there that are challenging to solve and yet, still fun to play.  YAPA crosses the bridge between games that are just fun to play and games that will really push you to solve a puzzle in the process.  Sure, there are some levels that are just fun to play, and there are some levels that are just hard to solve — after all, there’s got to be some variety, right!

We really think you’re going to enjoy this game.  We put it through a long beta period where we got a lot of feedback and made a lot of improvements so that you’ll get a game that’s even more entertaining and fun to play.  In the process, we found that most of our testers just couldn’t put down their iPhones after they started the game.  We think that’s probably the best review of all!

Checkout YAPA on the iTunes store today.

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