Aug 13
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I'm supposed to plug this where!?

iCaptions Photo App Updated!

We’ve been busy fixing, tweaking, adjusting, adding, modifying and improving your favorite iPhone captioning app!  You can get the latest version from the iTunes Store at iCaptions iPad Photo App.

iPad now supported!!

– and it’s not two separate apps, so if you already purchased iCaptions for iPhone then the iPad version is free for you! All the features of iCaptions for iPhone are supported on the iPad and it supports the native resolution on the Retina as well.  One of our users requested a way to use iCaptions to make background images for the iPad, well, now it’s here!

Gnarly Bugs Rectified

The old version had some issues that crept up on us as new versions of iOS were released.  Well, we think we’ve licked them all!  We now fully support iOS 6 and iOS 7.  We fixed the issue where “misspellings” would come out with the Apple red underlines.  We now keep in the underlines while you’re typing, but they’re removed before you save or share your photo.  We also fixed up a ton of other little quirks and crashes and expect this version of iCaptions to be better than ever.

As always, leave us comments here or send e-mail to our support address if you’re having issues.  So, check out the new version and give us a great review if you love the changes and the fixes!

Finally, we’re doing a caption submission contest.  Send us your funniest captions (tweet them to @iCaptions) and we’ll post the best and the funniest versions on our iTunes Store account for everyone to see.


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