Put your problem solving skills to the test with YAPA, a unique physics puzzler.  Battle gravity, momentum and inertia as you race against the clock! Face boxes, balls, crates, balloons, pinball bumpers, and even a wrecking ball!

Your goal: each level has a ball that you must get into the goal bucket, despite a host of obstacles that may prevent you from reaching an otherwise simple goal.

See if your creativity can top the charts as your solutions are timed and tallied against other players.  Find ways to overcome water hazards, gravity, and magnetics — sometimes even using the built in accelerometers to thwart obstacles.

So, do you have what it takes to be the first to solve the shifty trap-door level?  Well, do you?

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iPhone Screenshot

You're about to dislike gravity...

iPod Touch YAPA Level

Accelerometers are fine, but who ordered these bumpers!

iPhone App using Accelerometers

Blast it!

iPhone Game Puzzle

Thought you'd just strut right in here, did you?

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2 Responses to “YAPA”

  1. Katja says:

    I already like the lite version. now I bought the full version but
    1) have to solve the same levels again
    2) still no rotation. as I use a suitcase for my ipad I have to play yapa head first

  2. ted says:

    im having some problems with some levels,like the horse..can u give me a idea how to do that one..also please make more levels.this game is great..thank you in advance.

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